Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No, I Haven't Died

I know I've been a little stingy in the posting department as of late, but I can assure you I have decent reasons. Mostly? Hiking!

(OK, OK... this isn't so much 'hiking' as it is 'exploring the rustic setting of the Craigdarroch Castle'. Ahem. I stand corrected. But HEY, IT WAS SUNNY OUTSIDE!)

We've also been very much occupied taking care of our precious part-time-turned-full-time-for-a-little-while dog!

What can I say... as soon as the sunshine peeks through those clouds, I am SO OUT OF THE HOUSE! Hence... nothing much in that cursed posting dept. Meh. You'd be outside, too, if you were me.

Anyway, we completed the big move over to our home-away-from-home last night, and now we're all set to look after Robertine for a whole month while her owner is getting better in sunny Arizona. This means walks every day, evening walks to the beach every night, and extended walks/hikes every weekend. We sound like such a personals ad, 'enjoy[ing] long walks on the beach, watching sunsets, and taking in the gorgeous ocean scenery'. What a cushy life!


Wednesday L said...

Yo Lln!
How were the first few days of taking care of Ms. Marty Heart Eyes alone? You look SUPER in that photo, and I miss you a LOT!!

Valerie said...

You look stellah in that photo, Dana. WOW!