Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Soul for Sale

I like to think of myself as somebody who isn't easily swayed by a cheap marketing gimmick-- you know, someone who is edgy, intelligent, media savvy, and even a little bit cynical. Of course, all of these intentions melt away when I am face to face with the tea section in any store. Call me weak: I am simply a sucker for tea bag/loose tea marketing.

I was recently sunk (as in hooked and lined) by Yogi brand tea. Yes, it's bagged, but it's much easier to do bagged than loose tea at work. Anyway, I love everything about this tea: the lotus designs on the outside (and inside!) of the boxes, the cheesy little yoga posture on the side of the box (e.g. 'a posture for relaxation', 'a posture for enhanced creativity'), and I especially love the little drops of wisdom printed on the tag of every tea bag. It's like getting a miniature horoscope or fortune with every single cup! (And you know me: I am nothing if not full of hearts for a good horoscope.) I like to think that the fortunes on the tea bags give me something to reflect on as I go about my busy day, but it's probably just another cheap and easy way for the Yogi company to bolster up my brand loyalty. Well, Yogi company: I'm sold. I sign my soul over to YOU.

A few days ago, I received this dose of particularly warm wisdom:

And let them come to me, I did. Guess who is now the proud owner of the softest and most gorgeous little scarflette ever?

Me!! I've always thought Kathy's work was incredibly beautiful, but I never imagined how SOFT and completely like WEARING YOUR OWN LITTLE SILVER-LINED CLOUD FROM HEAVEN these scarflettes would be! It is positively the most dreamy thing that has ever lovingly embellished my throat, and I swear to you all, I would sleep and shower in it every single day if I could. I love it so much.

Also included in my package from the Slocan valley? This:

Made with love by Kathy the Great as well. My mind spins with the possibility of what this gorgeous skein can become, but for now I'm happy just placing it on a mantle of sorts and bowing down every time I pass. (OK, OK, Kathy-- you can own a little bit of my soul, too. As long as you don't mind sharing with Yogi. And Mason... as in the jars.)


Rose Fluxes said...

Well, can't say that you're not conscious of the ploys that affect you!

Glad you're enjoying your home away from home.

Valerie said...

That scarflette RULES!!! I mean, you (who RULES) make that scarflette look absolutely stunning.