Saturday, March 1, 2008

(Most) Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

... except for these photos.

If these photos were to speak a thousand words each about the progress I'm making on my Adult Sized Underwater-Turned-Autumn-Leaves Afghan (my made up name- can you tell?), those words would mostly be ums and ers:

Um.... yeah:

Er... yeah!:

Um, er, yeah-- what she said:

First of all, it's hard for me to do justice to the blanket-in-progress just by lying it on my apartment carpet and snapping some pictures. I accept this (sort of). The shadow from our patio door doesn't help, nor does the fact that the carpet tugs on the wool a bit and makes the afghan edges look weirdly uneven and slovenly. I promise you I am not that sloppy a knitter. Ah, well-- these pictures are all I've got for the time being, so let's use our imaginations and fantasize about what a perfect blanket this will eventually be.

These are the first four strips out of 12 or 15 that will comprise the finished afghan. Once all of the strips have been made and sewn together, a border will also be knit and will of course look fabulous (can I get a witness?). Right now, if I were to lie down beside this blanket, it would be a foot and a half taller than me, and I'm 5'8". I think it will make a decent queen-sized afghan when it's all said and done, but first of all, I've got to get me through another 8 or 11 strips of nothing but garter stitch! Huzzah for mindless knitting!


Rose Fluxes said...

I think it's beautiful. Seriously. Love the colours the pattern, the "randomness". It's like a painting of fall feelings.

Robin said...

Your blanket is looking lovely!

Valerie said...

Mom said... I love you and your blanket. Your work is always amazing!!!

thinking about difference said...

your blanket-in-progress is so much better than mine (same idea, but i've chosen wrong colors... besides, it took me 2 years and a half to finish it, then gabi said it is too small, so here ya go, another year to add the missing part...)
the only concern i have is how on earth am i gonna wash the thing (and dry it out...)