Thursday, February 14, 2008

V.D.: Are You a Lover or a Fighter?

Forget the glistening tear of the regretful 'if only I'd have known' variety: I happen to be a lover of Valentine's Day. Whether I've been single, dating, or married like I am now, I say you can't go wrong with a day that celebrates LOVE with CHOCOLATE! (Two of my favourite things!) True, I feel like the definition of love that gets celebrated on Valentine's Day proper is very hetero, straight-edged, and commercial, but still-- one can technically celebrate any kind of love on any day at all. Valentine's is just a great time to get everything in a red or pink wrapper and shaped like a heart! And chocolate! Did I mention the chocolate?

In honour of the Day of Love, and to pay homage to my New Favourite Blog of All Time,, I am going to post my very own Love List!

(For those of you not yet in the know... and believe me, you should run right now to become in the know... OK, maybe not right now but perhaps after you finish reading MY post, Meg Fowler typically posts a weekly-ish Love List to chronicle things, people, and places that she's enamoured with for the moment. I love how specific, random, and always changing these lists are. Plus: When I read them, it makes my love for Mason jars feel AOK!)

Dana L.'s Love List: Because Really, What's NOT to Love?

- Marty
- Growing whole plants at home from single leaves or stems
- Thrift shopping
- Scoring priceless finds at thrift stores or used book stores (see: 'The Teenager and VD' example above. Priceless.)
- Tarot cards
- Decks of cards in general
- Rye bread with caraway seeds
- Lighthouses and windmills
- Religious icons
- Embroidery
- Alpaca wool
- Butter!
- Licorice Spice tea
- Depeche Mode, especially (at the moment), the Violator album
- Subtitled movies
- Found magazine
- Hummus! (All types: regular, roasted red pepper, roasted garlic, black bean, etc.)
- Sushi
- Listening to the same CD every night softly as I fall asleep
- Lavender
- Seeing crocuses sprouting up in FEBRUARY (February, people!)
- Finding new, non-saddlebag hiking pants
- Reading my horoscope at work; emailing it to Marty when it seems dead on
- Sending and receiving postcards
- Secretly plotting surprises for people I know
- Remembering random bits of information about people: scaring them a little if I bring said details up in conversation
- Our food processor
- Being an aunt but not a mom
- Reading blogs at work; stumbling across new blogs through other blogs
- Acupuncture
- Girl Guide patches
- NHL hockey
- My big pot of all natural beeswax lipgloss from The Beehive in Calgary (not to be confused with the Beehive here in Victoria)
- My retro 70's floor lamp, given to me FOR FREE by Janet
- signing notes as "Dana, M.A.", and putting my 6 years of postsecondary education to good use
- walking/hiking/kickboxing ASS enough that my muscles ache for days afterward
- making soup; feeling superior and extraordinarily healthy at work when my coworkers ask me if I made it myself
- making plans to knit amazing things; accumulating supplies to make amazing things
- red, pink, and orange things
- dance-offs and choreographed dance scenes
- 80s and 90s dance music, though only in small doses (What is love? Baby, don't hurt me!)
- Funny home videos... not America's Funniest, but something similar... especially reels with people falling down, slipping, or losing their balance. I know, I'm a horrible, horrible person

... and YOU?

(The tradition now is to either post a mini-list in the comments or to post your very own Love List on your blog and link to it in the comments! SPREAD THE LOVE, people! And Happy V.D.!)

When I grow up, I want to be just like Celia Deschin, Ph.D. Love those glasses!


Rose Fluxes said...

-clouds in patterns, non-patterns, or any configuration that looks "cool"
-cooking from scratch
-free movies (thanks Dana)
-writing strange one liners
-rhubarb desserts
-the ocean
-making snowpeople
-active weather, especially when it really shows us whose boss
-boxes, dolls, and other wonders that fit inside eachother
-pancakes on Saturdays
-Friday the 13ths
-ladybugs and butterflies - call me 5 but they're the only insects that don't freak me out

Rose Fluxes said...

Good one, by the way! Happy V-Day.

Dustin said...

-People that start lists of things they love
-my cat
-riding my bike with the wind
-conversations with strangers
-sad movies
-the feeling you get when taking off in an airplane
-walking at night, looking in windows
-little books
-pictures of angels
-making homemade pasta
-the feeling of newly sanded wood
-canned peachs
-birds in the morning

Happy V.D.

lynne said...

I love:
.the smell of spring
.watching seeds sprout
.old home movies from a generation or two ago
.penpal letters
.snow days
.the beach
.the abominable snowman
.listening to little kids playing
.when I'm right
.hot chocolate. well, any chocolate.

dana said...

Something to add to my list:

- Having people who rarely or never post comments here get in the spirit and post their own love lists! THANK YOU! And welcome!

Feeling the love,