Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday

The abridged life story of my middle sister, Wednesday:

1. Born in 1983; very soon overshadows me (her older sister by 20 months) in size, smarts, and cool factor.

2. Never one to be put in a box-- resists boxiness in all incarnations: cribs, stereotypes, sweaters that are too short and too wide at the same time, 80s haircuts, etc.

3. Some time in between elementary and junior high school, grows 5 (or 6 or 7) vertical inches but stays the same weight. Describes her new figure good-naturedly as a "ruler with apples on the front"; incurs silent admiration mixed with envy from her shorter, more curvaceous sisters.

4. Does not play "The Game". Wears everything from camera film to plastic farm animals in her hair, accepts an award for Highest Standing student at school wearing a grey 50s maid outfit and pink rubber gloves up to her elbows, and delivers a scathing (yet incredibly perceptive) critique of the junior high experience in her final project: while everyone else is writing yearbook-esque poems about 'never losing touch' and 'having a great time!', she delivers a mock Teen magazine cover with the headliner: "QUIZ: ARE YOU NORMAL?" Touche.

5. Decides to pursue a Fibre degree in art college. Finds her element.

6. Continues to make her older sister proud, amused, amazed, envious, and sometimes even a little bit horrified (but only when her outfits incorporate neon yellow and/or appliqued cat images. The above image does NOT fall into the 'making her older sister horrified' category. I love the Christmas-esque 80s workout attire. LOVE IT!)

Happy 25th birthday, Wednesday! I love you so much.

xo, li'l bro!


Tangerine Dreams said...

She sounds so cool! And not just her name. I wanna be friends with her. Speaking of being friends, see if you can convince Marty to come out here pre-painting for a visit! We're sooooo excited :)

Rose Fluxes said...

Excellent Tribute!