Monday, May 12, 2008

Scent of a Woman, Revisited

A while back, I had wondered aloud how I must smell to other people. I'm pretty much a soap and water kind of girl, save for my Tom's of Maine deodorant, but how was I to know how that smell got translated in the nostrils of others-- others who were heavily laden with perfumes and colognes?

Well, the other day, I was given a clue.

It happened in a laundromat-- our laundry room is closed for renovations this week (sucks), so I was rockin' it, bachelor-suite style, at our nearest laundromat. I had our Borax all ready to go, and then another woman stepped up to the machine beside me.

Her: Oh, you smell so good! Like a vegetarian! Are you a vegetarian?
Me: (perturbed and a little taken aback) Um, yes?
Her: I knew it! I can always smell a vegetarian! (blathers on about her bionic nose and how she hates working out next to meat eaters)
Me: (still perturbed and taken aback, but also a little bit... relieved.) Mm-hmm.

So there you have it-- bionic nose woman says so: I smell like a vegetarian. And apparently, that smells good.

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granolagirl said...

Wow you win the award for most random thing said to you by a stranger!
You smell like a vegetarian? Only in BC I tell you would this be considered a good thing- here in Alberta that would be an insult- similar to you smell like patchouli or something..

I tried the natural deoderant but couldn't stand that I might stink- oh the aluminum that I wish I could give up- but I'm scared to knock out my yoga teacher during backbending...