Friday, May 9, 2008

I Betcha Our New Doctor Can Levitate

Well, you'll be pleased to know that Marty and I both 'passed' the compatibility test during our first appointments with our new doctor. With flying colours. That doctor is completely on the same page as us, health philosophy-wise, it just makes me want to sing and dance with sheer joy!

My first visit lasted nearly an hour (with a doctor!), and we covered everything from past health history, to current health issues, to health goals, relationships, spiritual beliefs and practices, exercise and diet. It was a thorough visit in all the right ways, and such a refreshing change from medical practice as I've known it for... my whole life. (Disclaimer: I did love my sweet doctor in Calgary, but there were definitely some times when his diagnoses or prescriptions would just make me cringe. Like the time I had spotting between periods, and my doctor recommended doing an intra-uterine scope to see if I had a dysfunctional uterus. My naturopath prescribed B-Complex vitamins instead, and that was the end of that. Le sigh.)

Anyway, for the first time:

- We've found a doctor who practices a vegan lifestyle and who therefore will be highly unlikely to tell us to eat meat. (I'd be a little shocked if he did. And by 'little', I mean my jaw would drop so low it would cause me to tip forward and collapse on the floor.)

- I've mentioned that I practice Fertility Awareness Methods of birth control and have not been scolded about its infamous (but mostly alleged) unreliability. (His response was "It sounds like you've found a method that works for you and that helps keep you aware about the goings-on in your body") I LOVE IT!!

- We've discovered a doctor who is willing to work on the foundations of health -- sleep, diet, exercise, and stress -- before he'll even consider moving on to any sort of pharmaceutical. (Actually, he'll help balance the foundations of health, and then move on to herbs/homeopathy/acupuncture if there's still imbalance. If imbalance remains after THAT, then he might reluctantly prescribe a drug. That's perfect for us!)

- I walked out of a doctor's appointment with a prescription that looked like this:

Yep- he recommended a book I should read to learn more about Ayurvedic Medicine, and he also wants me to take a diet diary for two weeks. What a wonderful world!

All in all, I'm completely impressed. Even though Dr. S. might not be right for everybody (i.e. some people just want the codeine, and that's it), he is completely perfect for Marty and I. Soon, we will be fully conversant in matters of doshas, yogic practices, and qi meridians, and oh yeah-- we'll be vibrant and healthy to boot!


dana said...

Wow, color me jealous. The only doctor I could get in to see in Calgary is a prescribing maniac who only does 60-second appointments (and is somehow always 1 hour behind). When I had some lady problems, she told me it was because I secretly wanted to be a man, since I had short hair and *gasp* was wearing PANTS. When I insisted that no, I was fine with being a woman, she gave me a knowing look and shook her head. Then prescribed me some wonderful cancer-causing drugs.

dana said...

Ack! That is nothing short of HORRIFIC! I used to get a similar treatment from my dentist when I had short hair. Every single time I went in for an appointment, he would joke about how 'he didn't know my family had a son!' Hahahaha. It wasn't funny the first time, so it DEFINITELY wasn't funny the nth time, after six or so years of hearing the same joke. Heh.

Rose Fluxes said...

Who are these people? Maybe the people I saw when I had short hair just kept these thoughts to themselves.

Congratulations on finding your doctor match from heaven!