Saturday, January 5, 2008

I [heart] Depeche Mode!

Just recently, I stumbled into an intense, all-consuming obsession (the good way) with Depeche Mode. I can't say why or how this happened, exactly, but I can tell you that I haven't been this enthralled with a band since junior high, when I was outrageously in love with U2 and even nicknamed myself Bono while playing computer games (I know-- terribly cool, right?). We watched their live DVD "Touring the Angel" the other night, and I was positively blown away-- so much so, in fact, that I watched it AGAIN the very next night. Now, of course, I must. see. Depeche. live. in concert. I must.

I am now the unofficial President of the Teenage Depeche Mode Fanclub. Sure, I'm about 15 years late jumping on this bandwagon, but better late than never, right?

"Never Let Me Down" Live: I appreciate the jazz hands action of 80,000 fans, though it's not captured nearly as good in this video as it was in the official DVD.

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Wednesday L said...

FYI, Lln, the entire "Lord of the Rings: The Musical" (cough cough) wardrobe was dyed by myself and my boss Emily with Depeche Mode on PERMANENT REPEAT, echoing through the huge warehouse off of a shitty l'il cd player.
And, when we were not into listening to music, we'd pop in the VHS tape of their 1989 concert that Emily had lovingly taped in HIGH SCHOOL.
Did you know that karmically doomed people call them "Depress Mode"?!?

Give Marty a pat on the back for being such a radical husband.

PS- 1/2 goth CJay 92 Paul P of my youth loved KMFDM, which simply indicated that they were not my type of band. I've never listened to them, so I can't pass official, karmically mangling judgement.