Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Family Ties

My mom's family is huge. She has six brothers and sisters, and all of them have about 3 children of their own. That's a lot of cousins!

Growing up, we spent a lot of time with the family. Nearly every weekend I can remember from my childhood, we were doing something or other with a group of cousins. Setting up mattresses and 'satin' sheets on a set of stairs and careening down in laundry baskets. Playing Bubble Bobble on the computer until we were hallucinating tiny dragons and fluorescent green bubbles. Listening to the New Kids on the Block and twisting Barbies into obscene positions. That kind of stuff. I knew the ins and outs of my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, and my cousins, and life was good.

Now that I'm an aunt myself, I have very mixed feelings about being so far away from my new niece. Mostly I'm disappointed that I can't be an integral part of Lily's life as she grows up. But then I think to myself that I would hardly even get to see her if I lived in Calgary still. I don't drive, and my sister lives in Canmore, so I would only get to see them occasionally anyway. Plus, being in Victoria helps me cherish each and every little thing I see or hear about Lily. Take, for instance, these photos:

Too cute!!


Robin said...

I looks like your family is brainwashing her with that Calgary Flames sportswear. You better run home quick and give her a Canucks jersey or something! Just kidding, she is so cute in her green beanie!

carmelclose said...

Go Flames Go!! Family Ties are what you make them, she will cherish time with her Auntie in Victoria as she gets older to realize how special family is!

granolagirl said...

You'll just have to make the time you have with her extra special! Is that a handknit on her head? Made by auntie or the SnB?

Tangerine Dreams said...

Call me crazy but I think she kinda looks like you! Tell your sister to start a blog and record everything.

ink said...

i bet she has that wonderful new-baby smell also. much better than the new-car smell (though I bet guys will disagree)