Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The "Hills" are "Alive" with the Sound of "Music"

Or: My apartment is withering beneath the hippo-esque vocal stylings of my upstairs neighbour...

This day has been a whirlwind of activity so far. I started my day off with a job interview, and I was pleased as punch to be told that the decision would be made by today. Not 4 interviews later, not in a month from now, not after I let other opportunities pass me by 'in case' I would be getting hired-- today. (And in case you are wondering: No. I am not bitter. Stupid clinic...) Even if I'm not the successful candidate in the end, having a decision made by today is good news. I hate waiting around and not knowing what's going on. As a COMS major, I like to think that I come by it honestly.

The rest of my morning has been spent trying to dodge the bloody-ear-inducing sound that is my upstairs neighbour's attempt at singing. Oh, god. I think (or maybe just hope?) there might be a battle of the bands or something coming up soon, because he has been singing (more like practicing... badly) Non. Stop. for the past few days. On Monday morning, we were woken up by his tight-throated, angst-ridden, straining cat-in-heat moans and 'whoa, baby-- yeah, yeah"s. (I get nauseous just thinking about it!) He then proceeded to sing for the Entire. Day... Nonstop! We're talking 12 or 13 Full. Hours. Straight! Today, he's still practicing, and good god, I hope his performance/gig/whatever it is comes soon, because my eardrums can only filter so much crap out before they melt into a pulpy mess of soulful rock fallout. And really, who wants that?

Anyway, in my 'dodge the emo' efforts, I came across a city in full-out bloom! It's still February, people! Coming from Calgary, anything green, pink, or otherwise petalled before, erm... May... or April if you're lucky, is a really big deal. Hence, seeing my whole neighbourhood coated in delicate blossoms was enough to make my heart sing. In an inside voice. Upstairs neighbour: take note.

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Jasmine said...

hee hee, your description of the voice is brutal enough!

Good luck, I hope you get great news today, and some peace all around.