Sunday, January 28, 2007

Quick and Dirty

So yesterday we decided that a gentle stroll along the ocean beaches was in order. It was Marty’s birthday, the sun was shining, the tide was low, and there were many crabs and tiny fish to be located in the tide pools.

Well, we turned over rocks and saw many crabs, we played with other people’s dogs on the hard-packed sand, and we sat on a bench overlooking the pristine blue ocean waves. However, we also ended up getting lost in a bog, caught in an overgrown raspberry bush (in a down vest, no less), and stranded on one side of a random moat dug in between a park and a residential street.

This is how my once-pink runners came to look like this:

Today there will be no walking. Only patient scrubbing of the shoes.

1 comment:

wednesday said...

Oh Dana- I'm in love with you! Because we're sisters!!
Remember that picture (is it of me, though? Maybe because I'm so naturally unkempt?) of one of us wallowing in filth a la Wasa Lake 1984?
Good times...