Monday, January 29, 2007


OK, OK—I’m not the best at these ‘a-long’ things, but de-lurking is something I think I can handle. Call me an exhibitionist (or not. Actually, on second thought, please don't). Anywho, for future reference:

I’m the oldest of three girls in my family, and I’m also quite possibly the nerdiest. (Before I would have resented the title, but now I call dibs!)

From left to right: The nerdy one, the cute one, and the creative one!

I’m going to be a first-time aunt in April.

I met Marty on a Saturday night, fell in love with him by early Sunday morning, and (being the good Catholic girl I am) moved in with him on Monday. Since then, we have spent a maximum of 10 nights apart from each other.

I believe in guardian angels, and I feel like Marty was a gift to me from the spirit of my Dido.

My husband is closer in age to my mother than he is to me (one of the zanier fallouts from a teenage pregnancy. Also a lesson from karma—see below).

I learned to knit when I was seven years old (in good ol’ Red Heart Acrylic—gotta [heart] the Red Heart!), but I didn’t pursue it seriously until it was too late for me to show off my hand-knit items to my teacher, my dear Baba.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old. Having to force down tiny pieces of meat is what prevented me from going vegetarian earlier (my parents—god love them—didn’t know much better at the time). Cheese is what will forever stand in the way of my being a vegan. I. Love. Cheese.

I have O negative blood. Thus, if I were to follow the Eat Right For Your Blood Type diet, I would subsist on red meat, mostly.

I take a twisted pride in shirking all of the essay-formatting skills I practiced diligently in my 6 years of university. I especially like the liberation that comes along with using random punctuation (dashes, commas, brackets, and too many exclamation points!!!), sentence fragments, and altered spelling for laffs. Grammar, be gone!

People used to make fun of me for having a space between my front teeth. It used to make me self-conscious, but now it makes me proud. (Me + Madonna = BFF. Or if not BFF, then at least co-presidents of the Gap Tooth Club.)

My hair has spanned the gamut in length and colors. It’s been shaved, short, medium, long, and really long; brown, red, orange, navy, black, burgundy, and even platinum blonde (Never. Again.) I think the ‘true me’ is locked up in my short, spiky hairstyle of yesteryears, but I appreciate my current cape of long hair, too.

<-- People change. Luckily, so do hairstyles and make-up!

I’ve had to learn (the hard way) that you become what you judge on numerous occasions. I’ve even found myself asking a random grocery cashier out on a date after making fun of people who hit on me when I was bagging their groceries. Don’t mess with karma, man. Anything is possible with her.

I am a Cancer-Gemini cusp, and horoscopes for both zodiac signs often ring true for me. I guess that makes me a two-faced romantic with rollercoaster emotions and a dislike for all things feelings-related…?

I can talk about menstruation, fertility cycles, and healthy sexuality for a lot longer than most people care to listen. As somebody dear to me once summarized: “My name is Dana. I like to knit and bleed.” True dat.

And what about you, my loyal readers? Are you ready to join the delurk-a-long? Post a comment! Come out of those cyber-shadows! Do what you will, but please do the delurk!

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Robin said...

Hey, nice to get you know you better! Now I have even less to ask you when we get together ;)

Love the short hair, by the way! You look beautiful with both short and long hair!