Wednesday, December 27, 2006

LYS Smackdown!!

Don’t miss the action as two local yarn stores go head to head!

In one corner, we have the reigning undisputed champ: Make One Yarn Studio in Calgary. Luscious yarns, amazing staff, creative events, free shipping, drop-in knitting circles, a funky interior, and sales that give me the cramps (in a good way)—folks, this yarn store seems to have it all, and it’s hard to believe it’s still only in its rookie year!

In the other corner, we have the challenger: Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria. Equally luscious yarns, a hip location right in the downtown core, and inexpensive Cascade 220 mean it could stand a fighting chance against Make One. But the Beehive is celebrating 100 years as a store in 2006… and it also sells shudderific Disco yarn by the bag—does it really have what it takes to sock a few punches to Make One?

Part of me hopes that we have the Rocky Balboa of yarn stores here in Victoria, given that I now live here. (Note: I have yet to see the final installment of the series, or even about 3 of the original movies, but I’m assuming that Rocky wins. Would Sly really have it any other way? I doubt it—what kind of message would that send to the kids? “Try hard and fail anyway.” But I digress…) I’d like it if I, too, had a hip local yarn store to patron—somewhere where I could lovingly fondle the wools instead of foaming at the mouth over tantalizing photos of them… Too. Far. Away.

Another part of me, though, is very reluctant to even consider the possibility of shifting allegiances (even though I did, for the record, set aside 15 years of grudging to jump on the Flames bandwagon when they finally stopped sucking so much! Then I cheered for the Oilers when the Flames bombed out of the first round in the 2006 playoffs… This year, I'm pretending that I didn't cheer for either of them-- I'm waiting to see my new bandwagon come the playoffs). I love pretty much everything about Make One, and I’m more than a little unnerved to read things like this on the Beehive website… le sigh.

Project Time "Drop-in"
5:00-7:00 pm - Fridays
$10.00 drop-in fee per session

Ten dollars??!!!!! That better come with a cheesecake or something...

Anyway, the Beehive is having a Boxing Day Sale today, so I’m going to go check it out for the first time. Will Make One continue to flatten its competition, or can the Beehive muster up enough oomph in its hundred-year-old self to lay the smack down? Get out some popcorn and put on your sweaty spandex shorts—this is gonna be one helluva fight!


carmelclose said...

Hope you found some good buys in Victoria, because Make1 had awesome deals and as usual the hot chocolate and baileys was an added treat. I dont know if sitting on the front curb of the store waiting for the doors to be unlocked was necessarily a good thing for my cold butt LOL!!

Rycrafty said...

Weird, I am in the opposite situation! I moved from Victoria last year! I went from the Beehive being my only LYS to having so much choice in Calgary! And of those choices, I chose M1. :)
I found the Beehive decent, I mean, sure there are (or were) giant displays of fun fur, but they had Koigu too. They definitely have a good selection of cheaper yarns, which fit my budget better than M1 does.But this way, I buy less yarn.