Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday Love List-- Are YOU Feeling the Love?

It's Wednesday, dear readers, and that means a couple of things for Marty and I:

1. The start of the Flames/Sharks hockey series. Yes, we'll be watching.
2. This year's edition of housesitting and looking after Robertine for a month is coming to a close. Her owner returns from Arizona tonight, and so we'll be packing up our things and moving on out.

We've loved taking care of Robertine, and it's been excellent living in a house so close to a beautiful beach. However, I've got a bit of a hankering to come home. I'm ready to be back in our tiny, one-bedroom apartment. Hence, my love list today is devoted to my home.


1. HEAT! We had a total chill the entire time we were housesitting. Granted, the weather has been cold and wet lately, but still. Turning up the heat did not help. Having a bath did not help, either, mainly because the water only trickles from the tap there and pretty much cools off by the time it gets into the tub (i.e. immediately). Our apartment, on the other hand, has glorious UNLIMITED heat included in our rent-- screw global warming, dear-- let's crank it!!

2. A tub/shower faucet with decent water pressure. Remember that Seinfeld episode with the shower heads and Kramer's flat hair? Yep. No more of that, either.

3. Our computer! The computer there did crazy things and erased e-mails and blog posts at whim.

4. Our bed. Big enough that it's not like sleeping in a crib for adults and totally free of dog hair.

5. Getting to sleep in on weekends for however long we feel like it... no getting woken up by the tinkling of a dog collar at 6 am or by our very brave part-time dog barking at anything that moves. (What a protector!)

6. The mundane routines of ordinary life! It was always so sad leaving for errands or ANYTHING and having those puppy dog eyes staring sadly, straight into your SOUL. Come on, Robertine, I was raised Catholic-- I have enough guilt already!

7. Living in Oak Bay. I don't care if it's a little bit (read: a lot) upper-class and snobbish at times (read: almost always). I'll dive right in and say in my toity fake British accent. "Oh, us? We live in (pause for dramatic effect), OAK BAY." I love it here.

8. Living on the ground floor with our own little private garden. This way, Marty is able to indulge his midnight gardener tendencies.

9. Being close enough to walk to work, without taking hours and hours out of my day. Speaking of which... it's time to go.

Spread the love, dear readers, spread the love. Go!


Rose Fluxes said...

Cheers to home sweet home - it always feels good, I agree. I will have to boo the Flames though.

I long to midnight garden!

Robin said... sweet that you are lovin' your 1-bdrm in Oak Bay! I'm a little jealous, living in Victoria and all. :) How's the blanket coming along?