Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Own Personal Jesus

Could the day get any better?

Not only did I just manage to sneak Depeche Mode into my post (still experiencing a little obsession of the teenage variety), but I also received a phone call from GOD'S MESSENGER herself just yesterday!

It looks like God-- or, more appropriately, Dr. God-- has accepted Marty and I into his select circle of chosen ones. In other words: we are that much closer to having a family doctor in Victoria! And not just any doctor, no-- the very same wonder doctor that we were hoping for, against all odds.

Now we just need to pass the 'first visit' compatibility test... Our appointments are booked for early May (because God has a pretty packed schedule, obviously), and you can bet we'll be on our most saintly behaviour. No "can you please perform a healing miracle on my disease-infested body" or "can you please teach me how to walk on water" here... no, siree. We'll just be plain, ordinary, everyday church mice: meek and with a touch of holy fear. Obviously.


granolagirl said...

Congrats on your doctor! If we ever move to your neck of the woods we'll hit you up for a referral (I could pass as your sister?!?)

Anyway, thanks for all the comments as of late, and any extra leftover sock yarn donations would be appreciated.

dana said...

Haha-- definitely! I'm sure having the same backpack can help us pass for sisters anyday! ;)