Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ewok Anniversary

Well, we're back from a positively MAGICAL anniversary weekend. I've never been much of a 'fairy-tale-princess' kind of girl (in the sense of pretty dresses, ballrooms and high-heeled shoes-- did my wedding attire give that away?), but I'm definitely a fan of magic. And what could be more magical, I ask you, than an anniversary spent high up in the trees in our very own spherical treehouse? I'll tell you the answer if you don't already know it: nothing.

Looking out from our sphere to the spiral staircase.

Detail of the sphere from below

The sphere from afar!

Tom and Rosey, the genius minds behind this whole Ewok operation, did absolutely everything they could to make our special evening even more special. There was a sparkling 'Happy Anniversary' sign draped across the front of our door (like a disco-esque produce code sticker on an onion!), complimentary strawberries, champagne, and baked goods, and of course, the sphere itself!!

I planned this evening as a surprise for Marty, and even though: a) he's really good at guessing and b) I'm not very good at planning surprises, he had no idea where we were going until we walked to the back of Tom and Rosey's property and saw our room for the night gently swaying in the breeze. (Yeah! One point: Dana!) If only I had the camera to capture the look on his face! Alas, you'll just have to see some more photos of the sphere instead:

The view from our bed.

The sphere at dusk.

Marty using the sphere as creative inspiration.

I can't even describe how magical this experience was. If any of you are ever in the Qualicum Bay area on the island, definitely see if you can spend some time in the sphere! (But be warned: I was only able to book one weeknight in August when I phoned them in May, and when we asked about their bookings for the 'down season', the response was something like "Well, we still have some days open in November"... meaning there's probably a random Tuesday night available but every other night has been booked! NO KIDDING!)

Random graffiti on the walls in the composting toilet chamber.


Robin said...

Wow!! Very cool! That would be right up my guy's alley to stay in such an ingenious place.

Rose said...

Glorious, glo-orious...bwah- ah- ah- ah.

Delia said...

wow! you guys are full of ideas! where did you find all these great presents to each other? you should blog a list of cool presents for your partner, really. i need some inspiration!!!

Ellen said...

OMG! Its like a little flying Boler trailer! On the planet Endor! I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it and your surprise was a success!

Tangerine Dreams said...

That is so amazing! Craig too would have been blown away. Poor guy had to watch Dreamgirls with me this weekend.