Monday, July 16, 2007

Then Again, Maybe Not

Maybe it's the fact that I started a new job yesterday, or maybe it's the fact that my hair is sticking to my sweaty neck because of the high temperatures lately, but I've been thinking about cutting my hair short again. I've had my hair long(ish) for a while now, and I've been getting bored with the same old ponytail every day. (Note: I know I can technically do so much more with long hair than pull it back in an elastic, but of course I'm too lazy and/or low maintenance to bother with the blowdryer, straightening iron, and hair product. Besides, I've been commuting by bike between two jobs for the past four months, and even if I had enough pizazz to style my hair nicely for the first of two jobs, I certainly wouldn't be able to maintain the glitz for Job #2. I just can't be bothered.)

When I think back to my short hair, I generally feel a warm glow and nostalgic fondness. I associate my short hair with a sassy and confident version of me-- one who refused to fit into the confines of the 'traditionally feminine' box and one who looked great doing it! And even though I like having long hair for many reasons, too... I don't know. Sometimes I feel like long hair makes me too conservative, plain, and 'safe' looking. (Not like I want to look dangerous or unsafe-- just, you know, a little more spunky!)

Anyway, I was all determined to post some photos of my long-haired and short-haired selves and then to have you, dear readers, decide which of the two looks better suited me. I was all prepared to weigh the pros and cons of each option and then to make a rational decision re: a possible haircut afterward. But then I looked back through old albums of mine and was horrified with what I saw! Did I say that I associated my short hair with sass?! And confidence?!?!?! Well, I certainly would have needed some semblance of confidence to make these haircuts pass! Case in point:

Granted, I did pick the absolute worst of the worst photos to post as an example of my short hair. (I promise.) I can honestly say that this is the all time rock bottom of my looks captured on film. But now that it's out in the open, maybe I won't be so horrified about the thought of people accidentally stumbling upon this sorry evidence from my past (A&E biography, anyone?). Anywho, the point of this public humiliation is to remind myself that short hair requires just as much maintenance as long hair does, despite my (obviously distorted) memories of being able to just wash-'n'-go. Furthermore, it would seem from this evidence that the consequences of not putting any effort into styling short hair far outweigh those of stumbling out of bed with long hair and simply heading out into the world with a ponytail. Don't you agree?


Rose Fluxes said...

Having also done both I would say with absolute certainty that the biggest downfall of short hair is looking like a five year old who just rolled out of bed if you don't do anything with it. And, in my case anyways, having to wash it and put product in it if I wanted to like what I looked like. That being said, short hair is a lot of fun but you do look awfully cute in a pony tail.

Mary said...

I've been thinking I need a haircut again too, though my hair dresser has flown the coop and went back to Calgary. :(

Anyway, I personally like long hair in the summer so then you can put your hair up in a ponytail and not have the little short pieces dangling away (especially in the back)... And long hair (for me at least) is easier just get out of bed and go while short hair usually needs a little bit of coaxing before it's decent. And like you, I just can't be bothered sometimes... :D

Robin said...

I'd agree with everyone that shorter hair does require more "styling" while long hair can easily be put up. Although, messy can look very cute so if you can make that work for you then...? (although I wonder how much time those messy looks really take?) Or you could go super short where you wouldn't have to style it at all (good for under the helmet as well). You'll look great either way!

Delia said...

i've met you with short hair and i really liked it. i haven't seen you in a while, but short hair does suit you and your personality. these being said, there's nothing wrong with long hair from time to time (although the major benefit of having long hair is that you can cut it short :)) i think short hair is low-maintenance. you can pull up long hair in a pony tail, but then what is the point of having long hair?!?