Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yarn Harlot vs Toaster Oven

If you had to choose between:

- seeing a fairly well-known and well-loved somebody give a much-anticipated talk OR

- purchasing a product to replace a similar product you already own and haven't even used or taken out of its box,

what would you decide?

Me, too.

We ended up with back row seats at the Yarn Harlot talk (as we were running a bit late from our garage sale purchasing excursion), but we made up for the lousy seats with some fine toasted bagels and bruschetta afterwards! Who knew?


Robin said...

What an adorable toaster oven! It looks like one of those cute 1950s trailers. And red! How could you refuse.

rose said...

Could there every have been a toaster oven so glorious? Too bad about that speaker, but it's not like you didn't get in at all.


karen said...

That is one sexy oven! Matches you well. :)