Saturday, June 23, 2007

Around the World in 80 Days

I know it hasn't quite been 80 days since my last post... but it certainly feels like it's been a long time! Where have I been, you ask? Oh, you know-- I've mostly been withering away at my two jobs (which I'm becoming more and more frustrated with), but I've also traveling around the world vicariously. Thank God for swaps!

First Stop: India

Recently, I received another package through the Gimme Your Stuff set-up. This time, the package was from India, and let me tell you-- it gave me some serious wanderlust cramps! The lovely Anuja sent me glorious wall hangings, gilded decorations and toys, and icons-- lots and lots of icons!

Once again, everything about the package was perfect. (Thank goodness! That first package I received was so disappointing!) It will take Marty and I about ten zillion years to be able to afford a trip there, so until we can actually get to India ourselves, Anuja's thoughtful package will tide us over nicely.

Next stop: The Centre of the Universe!

To ring in Solstice, the ever-romantic Marty whisked me away to nothing less than the Centre of the Effin' Universe! (An aside for a geeky confession: I LOVE Science Centres and Planetariums, despite having only taken a total of one (yes, one) science course in all of my six years of university studies.) The Centre of the Universe/Dominion Astrophysical Observatory did not disappoint. We toured the Plaskett Telescope, took in the informational and interactive displays, and were even treated to our own private planetarium show.

We happened to be the only visitors to the Centre that evening-- curse the cloudy sky!-- so the poor guides were all forced to give these huge and incredibly detailed presentations to an audience of two. Ah, well-- we learned a lot about stars, constellations, nebulae, and planets! Alas, we weren't able to view anything through the telescopes that evening, but we did get a 'Cloudy Day Raincheck' because of the overcast sky and can now return any evening this summer to take in the night sky!

Final Stop: Um.... 'Birthday Town'?

Yes, 'twas my birthday yesterday. Not being one to go all out with the birthday celebrations, we took it easy last night. Marty made me a beautiful card, dinner, and a so-bad-its-good decorated cake. (Check out the KISS-esque font for my name spelled out with Twix bars! Also note the candle wax running free across the cake... it was even worse by the time I finally came home to blow out the flames! It's like he knew about my family's awful birthday cake tradition!)

Anyway, I usually like to set some sort of goal when my birthday comes around. This year, I'd like to get my blogging ass back in gear! It's not like I've had nothing to blog about... I've just been bogged down with long work weeks at an unfulfilling job or two. Meh. Here's to less work and more blogging for the year to come!

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anuja said...

Thanks for the complements, Dana!
I am really glad (or is it relieved?:)..) that you liked the swap stuff!!
I am eagerly waiting for your package to arrive!:)

Have a great time!!