Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Right Here, Right Now

There comes a time in every girl's life when the pants that used to fit her simply don't fit anymore. For me, that time is now. Right now.

Normally, it takes a good long while for pants to not fit anymore. Not this time, though. My pants decided that they didn't want to fit me this very morning. Unfortunately, they made this executive decision after I had already biked to work, when I was changing out of my cycling clothes and into my semi-professional work attire. Sigh.

So now I'm at work, hiding behind my desk in my work top and my cycling shorts. I feel like a news anchor-- all done up on the top half, totally unkempt and unprofessional on the bottom half. Luckily, my desk is one of those big wooden ones that nicely disguises my spandex to the people that come in. Speaking of which... I never (ever) have people come into the office normally. Except for this morning. (Of course.) Two people have already come into the office, and I haven't even been here for an hour yet! Needless to say, Marty has been put on a code blue alert to bring me some new pants-- stat!!


rose said...

Hmmm, I guess that "keep your pants on" can sometimes be good advice.

I'm sure you look smashing!

dana said...

Yeah, I know... who knew? ;)

Anonymous said...

Dana, I tried to leave you a comment before but it didn't take! The gist of it is, I am terribly conflicted about reading your blog, and here is why: your stories are so hilarious! I think I have to swear off reading it a few days in advance of knit night, so that I don't have to just innocently pretend to not have read things just in order to hear you tell the story again. Hope the pants thing worked out okay!

-- Ellen

Jasmine said...

LOL! Isn't there a Calgary band called "Les Pants Situation" ('les' as in French for 'the')?? Typical that your own pants situation would fall on a rare day when random members of the public wander into your office though!

Did Marty come through? Did les pants situation end well?

ink said...

if its any comfort, I once spent all day walking around with the button of my pants unbuttoned because I couldn't get it closed. I hoped fervently that the zipper would hold up and continually tugged my shirt down to hide it.