Friday, May 4, 2007

My Cup Runneth Over

Some of you might recall that I joined a little something called Gimme Your Stuff a while back, in the hopes of giving and receiving rare gems from around the world. Well, I've participated in a number of swaps now-- one with a woman from Singapore, another with a woman in Bulgaria, one with a woman in South Korea, and I've even got a swap pending with a woman in India.

I have to say that I found the first package that arrived at my door a tiny bit disappointing. I ripped it open, eager to take in the splendour of campy and kitschy stuff (or downright breathtaking stuff) from a different corner of the globe, and I ended up staring at a load of cheap tourist crap. We're talking 'car air freshener' crap. Gimme A Break! A bit of a let-down, especially considering I had actually put a lot of time and effort into the package I sent her back. I debated cancelling any future/pending swaps, because the payoff just wasn't there. Plus, I worried that people who had never met me before might not understand that fine line between 'so bad it's good' and 'so bad it's bad'. (And believe me, it's a very fine line!) That's when the package from Melanie arrived.

This package is HUGE, and it's chock-full of handmade and (I like to think) lovingly purchased items... all of them perfectly in line with my very particular sense of humour. Kudos to Melanie for pulling out the psychic card and running with it!

Thank you!

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