Monday, April 2, 2007

"Tag!" (She Suppresses Bad Memories of Duck-Duck-Goose)

So it nearly slipped my mind that I had been tagged by granolagirl to talk about some of the reasons why I blog. In between working, running errands, and being brought to tears of rage and frustration by a mean old lady (long story) last week, I guess there wasn’t much time for anything else! Yawn. Story of my life (minus the mean old lady part… usually…).

Anyway, I don’t think my reasons for blogging are extraordinary by any means. (In fact, I’m even putting myself to sleep just thinking about my reasons. Not a good sign.) Stifle your yawns and proceed:

I originally started my blog as a way to keep in touch with friends from Calgary when we made the big move to Victoria, but in the process of blogging, I’ve discovered that it’s also an excellent way to meet new people and to re-connect with old friends of yesteryears (rock on, Lea’s Leaders from Grade 7A—woot!). Blogging sure beats phoning every single one of my many friends (oh, the time!), and it also kicks the ass of mass e-mails and typing the same thing over and over until my fingers bleed and my tendonitis comes back (oh, the pain!). Or maybe I’m just lazy. You decide.

I also like to blog because it helps me curb a sorry-ass case of teen angst that has plagued me since well before I was a teen. (When I heard of the Cringe book, it made me curse that I didn’t think of the concept myself. I could have turned my sappy old journals into millions—millions, I tell you!) Back on track, though: I think the idea of having an audience (even if it is imagined one) read my writing keeps it as whine-n-moan free as possible. Perhaps you’re a bit surprised, thinking that my blog is actually pretty whiny as it is. I assure you that the paper alternative of my journal is much much worse.

And now for something that blogging hasn’t changed about me: When I started blogging, I thought it would motivate me to start many a crafty project and then to display photos of said project(s) online. Um, it hasn’t. I’m sure you’ve all noticed an occasional mention of a knitting project in the works, but sadly, I’m so bad at following up with photos once the projects are done. Meh. You’ll just have to settle for the promise that I really did finish those socks, some scarves, some baby stuff, an army of pixie hats, and a couple of pairs of mittens for our trip back to Calgary. I’ve also started a belated birthday sweater for Marty. Currently, it is sitting on my needles and collecting dust.

Oh, and as far as blog accountability goes? I was so good all day yesterday, eating nothing but scrumptous wholesome foods. Then I came home from work and devoured nearly half a container of cream cheese icing. Yeah... I blame it on the rain. Today is a new day, though! Just say yes to homemade falafel and no to anything with the word 'cream' in it.


Delia said...

hi there, i've got enough of all these diets stuff... i mean, i obsess with diets, although it's more about loosing weight (yeap, life as a PhD student is TOXIC and there's not much you can do about it...). but lately i got so sick about the whole idea of dieting. if you ask me, diets do not work. i mean, not on the long term. you deprive yourself of this and that, for a week or a month. but can you live on a diet for the rest of your life? i for one cannot and i'd better accept the fact that as life moves on and my body changes, i'm at least getting smarter ;) (well, there must be something positive in this change after all...)

Dustin said...

Yay, to good healthy organic food! Millions have done it and so can you, it is more than food it is a lifestyle. Let's share recipes.
I love your bloggin' and those subtle references (Lea’s Leaders from Grade 7A), Thanks for taking the time.