Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Other Woman

Last weekend, as we took a stroll on the rainy beach, I was startled to discover another woman gazing lovingly into Marty’s eyes. She had a dark complexion and deep brown eyes, and her body seemed strong and sleek, like she spent all of her free time pursuing rugged outdoor adventures. I was taken aback by the brazenness of her stare, and perhaps a tad intimidated by the intensity of it, but I reassured myself that Marty only has eyes for me. That is, until I glanced over at Marty and saw him returning the woman’s gaze with the same passion...

It turns out that Marty and Robertina have a history that dates back about 4 years (he and I have been together for about 3.5 years now, natch). They had a short but adventure-packed relationship when Marty last lived in Victoria, and it was obvious from Robertina’s forwardness and unabashed excitement when she spotted him that she had never forgotten the special times they shared. Who knew I was a rebound??

Being the type of person I am (i.e. passive-aggressive with an overriding desire to please everybody), I tried to be courteous to this other woman (though I can assure you the fires of jealousy were well stoked inside). As we walked together on the beach, though, I discovered something even more startling: not only did Marty still love Robertina, but I did, too! In fact, we promptly made arrangements to see each other again every week from now on, and also to spend three weeks with her in April when her roommate goes to Arizona.

Me + Marty + Robertina = One happy threesome!

(Note: Anybody who knows even a little bit about Marty would not have been fooled by tales of wandering eyes or infidelity. I promise not to use cheesy hooks like this any more!)

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