Tuesday, March 6, 2007

No Means No

Until I have time for a real post (possibly later this afternoon?), I'll leave you all with some visual reminders that 'no' most definitely means 'no'. Kudos to my former landlords for scattering these gems around our Entire. Apartment.

In the closet

In the closet

In the bathroom cabinet (It reads "No personal products in drains or toilet. No tampon products, napkins, ect." [sic])

On the back of the bathroom door

In the kitchen cupboards


On the front door

On the heating registers

In the laundry room

Just plain old 'no'


Robin said...

Your kidding? No?! Sounds like your landlord needs to work out some frustrations. Maybe take up jogging? Something to get him/her out of the building? And get that Sharpie out of his/her hand...

Hope work is going well for you this week!

Jasmine said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! A man at one with his issues.

Suzen said...

When my parents went on their first extended vacation leaving my brother and I to fend for ourselves for about a month, my mother left notes on EVERYTHING. She wrote directions on white medical tape and stuck it on things like the washing machine, the dishwasher, the stove, the back door, etc etc. The funniest thing was that once they came back from their trip, she never bothered to remove any of the notes so for years there were instructions on how to use the washing machine plastered all over the washing machine even though we all knew how to use it.

If I was your landlord, I would have made the instructions a little more visually pleasing. Like framing the directions so they'd fit in with your decor and seem less angry. :)