Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Update: The Pea is Still in the Pod

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of their kind words and support during this time. I am touched by the thoughtfulness and generosity of everybody from friends to strangers, and it gives me hope to know how many people are rooting for my sister and PeaPod!

I'll be updating the blog with new developments as they become available, so stay tuned to hear the latest on PeaPod, the preemie cap knit-a-long (thanks for posting about it, Terra!), and the (very informal) gas money blog-a-thon ($25 and counting-- huzzah!!).

And now, for something completely different:

I feel like I accidentally applied to work for the CIA or FBI (what are the Canadian equivalents of these? The RCMP? Haha- yeah right.) Yesterday I had my fourth interview for a position at a local clinic, and I can't help but feel that four interviews-- for any position-- is a little excessive... I have spoken to four different people now, but I have been asked pretty much the same questions. Are they checking for consistency in my answers? Is this a test? When can I get hooked up to the lie detector machine?

Q: Did you ride your bike to the interview?
A: Yes
Q: Do you ever ride on busy roads?
A: I try to avoid them if possible--

Oooh, busted.

Anyway, I *supposedly* find out in the next few days whether or not this coveted top-secret position is mine. If I get it, I guess I'll have to mysteriously delete this post so nobody can find out about my cunning alter-ego (e.g. 'I may look like a simple clinic staffer, but in secret, I'm actually GUARDING THE QUEEN'S CROWN JEWELS!!!'). If I get passed up for it, though, I'll have to reassess the merits of poly-blend interview tops and the whole 'four interviews' process in general...

At what point do you say 'you know what? Forget about it. Unless you feel like paying me, I don't think I'll come around for the nth interview.' I was so excited to go to the first, and even the second, interview. The job itself still excites me, but after so many interviews about the same trivial things (e.g. 'Yup. I'm still a non-smoker!'), the novelty of the situation is wearing off big time.

Wish me luck nonetheless. God knows I have better things to do with my time than make up conspiracy theories for every clinic in the city!

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Robin said...

Maybe they are trying to test your patience to see how you'd deal with people? Either that or they aren't very decisive! Good luck!