Thursday, January 25, 2007

Two's a Charm

Well, I’m happy to announce that the universe takes care of its young! A mere 1.5 days after I kinda bombed a certain job interview question, I was in another interview— this time for a position I was more interested in— answering the same question like a downright natural. A natural, I tell you! Thanks for all of your input, and bonus points to Mama Tangerine for her woolly sheep answer (see comments). Anything that can bring farm animals into a job interview setting is an instant classic, if you ask me. It reminds me of that time back in Computer Science class when my friend dared me to ask the prof if our resumé assignment had to be typed. Instant. Classic.

So, after two job interviews in one week, I’m feeling a little exhausted. Having to be ‘on’ (and preparing to be ‘on’) can really take a lot out of a girl! That must mean it’s time for a movie and some feel-good knitting.

Everything about this scarf-in-progress makes me feel good: the colour, the mindless but pretty lace repeats, and the fact that it’s from a charity pattern. When I make it again (and you know I will), it will be thinner and shorter, but this one will be perfect as a cover for my meditation table. Blissful, peaceful sighs all around!

And then there's my latest e-bay purchase to get the creative juices flowing: a 60s hat pattern book!

This pattern really blows my skirt up: (as does the top left cover shot of the sequined lamp shade hat... does that mean I'm strange?)

This one, not so much:

Though I'm sure a spaghetti beret does it for some people... (and as a side note, doesn't the bottom model look like Bree from Desperate Housewives?) Well, take care for now, dear readers. I'll be back again tomorrow with a birthday post for Kathy and Marty!

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