Thursday, December 14, 2006

Step Four, or whatever…

Well, we’ve come full circle already, here at the Ex-Nomad headquarters. Mere posts ago, I was talking about unpacking my suitcase (key word talking about unpacking it, but of course not actually unpacking it…) Now, at Marty’s insistence, unpacking this suitcase is, in fact, the number one priority. Forget ‘Step Four’ or whatever: this deed has been bumped up into the top spot on my To Do list.

‘Why the rush’, you ask?

Well, Marty is convinced that the not-so-itsy-bitsy spider that showed up in our bathroom was a nomad itself. Specifically, he feels certain that this spider hitched a ride in THE SUITCASE all the way from the Czech Republic, and that the suitcase might still be harbouring more of these beasts in its depths.

Although I balk at the mere suggestion that I had anything to do with that monster of a spider being in our bathroom, his gentle accusation might have some weight to it.

a) The spider did look an awful lot like the big ones we frequently encountered in our rental suite just outside of Prague (see haunting photo of the two spiders that lived right outside our back door- YUCK!!!!)
b) During our time in the Czech Republic, both of us discovered arachnid stowaways in our bags on numerous occasions. They always seemed to find their way inside our backpacks and suitcases (again- YUCK!!!!
c) (A little secret:) I have yet to thoroughly unpack and go through my suitcase, even though we came back to Canada on September 13th. Heheh… oops!

So now I’m not sure which is worse: the thought that my suitcase (my clothes! My underwear!!!) could be incubating a whole nest of freakishly giant nomadic spiders OR the equally revolting idea that Victoria could just have the same nasty spiders that frequent Prague. If it’s the first scenario, I’ll have to go on a rapid-fire extermination rampage and deal with the psychological fallout of having SPIDERS in my UNDERWEAR, but at least the spider-sighting episodes will be contained. If it’s the second scenario, well… let’s just say, I can’t wait to bring our bed back from Calgary!

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