Saturday, December 9, 2006

12-Step Recovery Program

So here I am, just about ready to unpack the suitcase I’ve been living out of for months. Since running screaming out of my last apartment in April, I’ve lived temporarily in six different people’s houses and a van (aptly named a Chevy Nomad—for real), looked after 4 cats and 2 dogs, and wandered aimlessly around the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary with my beloved co-nomad, Marty. Now we are in Victoria, ready to—dare I say it?—set up camp. Forever. As in living here. Taking root. Starting a new life. Abandoning our wandering ways… Whatever you want to call it, we are starting a 12-step journey toward making Victoria our new hometown. So, if the first step was moving here, and the second step was renting an apartment, the third step should be what, unpacking my suitcase? Finding a job? WRONG!! The third step is actually (wait for it…) immersing myself wholeheartedly into the life of a housewife.


Marty is currently working on a very giant mural project, so I’ve decided to test-drive being a good (read: traditional) wife until he finishes it and delivers it to Calgary (don’t worry- it should be soon!). So, to all the people who have tsk-tsked me for getting an extra degree, foregoing babies for a career, and keeping my own (impossible to pronounce) last name, I have one thing to say: you should taste my homemade minestrone! Mmm… delicious and (wait for it again…) made from scratch!! (Imagine loopy handwriting for the ‘made from scratch’ part—curse this keyboard for its lack of teenage cursive!)

So yes, I've been busy cooking, cleaning, shopping, 'decorating' (note: we do not have any furniture yet. I'm not kidding.), and doing laundry for the time being. Maybe Step FOUR will be unpacking my suitcase...

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